Trapezoidal Protective #FaceMask (CoronaVirus)

Designer: NS-Industries

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Includes Goggles: - (Stay Protected from the #CoronaVirus) - This Mask is Strong enough to even block toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter such as infected dust. Because the CDC recommends fabric for the inner lining and filter pocket can be other cotton, cotton-blend non-stretch fabric which has been inserted into each mask for added protection.

While the design resembles masks used for construction or painting work, the interior meets the requirements put forth by the cdc. 

A image of internal materials:  

√The main Tool and goggles integration design, dust prevent splash PC lens bending resistance to 360 degrees.

√Light and comfortable, no stimulation.

√The surface body can be a clean, replaceable filter box.

√Special processing activated carbon, the protective effect is better, protective time longer.

√Trapezoidal filter boxes, the center of gravity back, reduce neck fatigue. 



  • There is a film at the goggles that should be removed when used.
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