Gold & Silver Ephod Ring

Gold & Silver Ephod Ring

$550.00 $600.00


This beautiful ring is entirely handmade. The Breastplate was first worn by the High Priests of the Israelites, the Kohens, in the Tabernacle in the Sinai desert. This handcrafted ring is designed according the exact position of the stones as it was set in the High Priest’s breastplate, as specified in Bible, book of Exodus, Chapter 28. The breastplate is crafted according to these exact instructions given by God to Moses. This unique ring is set with twelve authentic stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel . The ring is in laid 9K gold set. The band is made of sterling silver, and the stones are exactly as ascribed in the Holy Book of the Israelites known today as the Bible. This is a powerful ring as it permuates your core belief in the repentance and return to the heritage given to you by the one and only Creator.  Satisfaction guaranteed!
Sizes follow 10- (19.76mm)
Sizes follow  6- (16.51mm)


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