Anointing Oil 0.34oz (10ml)

Anointing Oil 0.34oz (10ml)

$9.99 $15.00


Product Specifications


  • Brand Name:Jerusalem Imports
  • Color:Caramel



  • A perfect gift for any occasion!
  • Made in Israel
  • Glass Bottle: 10ml/0.34oz
  • This small sized bottle features a modest amount of incense oil made from authentic ingredients from the land of Israel as well as spices traditional used in the Temple incense offering.

  • Product Details:

    This bottle of anointing oil features a sweet-smelling mixture of olive oil and incense. It echoes the incense offering brought in the Temple as well as the anointing oil used to anoint kings and priests in ancient Israel. The ingredients in the oil were produced in Israel. This anointing oil comes inside a small glass bottle with a removable lid and can be used as a perfume. This anointing oil is a great gift for special occasions!

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