Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts

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This book is based on (Matthew 24:10 & John 8:44)

What if i told you the Truth was a Spirit. A spirit that you have the power to receive or reject?  According to the Bible, the only truth that exists is the truth that God has established. When we go against this truth we fall into bondage to the father of lies.  The following teachings in this book belong not to the author but should be properly credited to an ancient method of biblical interpretation known as precept upon precept. When this method is used, the Bible is allowed the opportunity to teach itself with no need of a private interpretation from man. As a teacher, the Bible's goal is to bring one who is sincere in a desire of understanding to the Hebrew Messiah, King of Israel, & descendant of the tribe of Judah.  Many will be offended at these truths and by teaching these truths yourself, ye shall be hated by all men. (For understanding on ALL MEN see - Galatians 4:16 & John 15:18)


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