Book: Cepher - Bible

Book: Cepher - Bible

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HQ Books - This restoration of sacred scripture known as the 'Cepher', includes the 66 books of the modern bible. The Canon, the Deuterocanon, Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, and 2 Baruch. Comprehensive Restoration. Also see a similiar version called #TheIsraeliteBible.

Leather Case Edition  - Details:

The Hebrew word eth (את) means divine and the Hebrew word cepher means book, scroll, letter or writing. Hence, the את CEPHER is the “Divine Book”. This unique collection restores much of what has been removed and/or incorrectly interpreted in the Bible for centuries!. As such, the Cepher 2nd Edition:

Sets forth a translation, rather than a substitution, of the names of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Includes all of the 74 previously canonized books, plus another 13 books considered to be inspired and/or historically significant such as Chanok (Enoch) & Yovheliym (Jubilees) from the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as Yashar (Jasher), 2-4 Ezra (Esdras), 1-2 Baruk, and 1-4 Makkabiym (Maccabees) – all published in the chronological order of their writing.

Transliterates over 3,100 Hebrew names without substitution.

Restores an accurate chronological order to the books.

Corrects the errors (for the first time) in the Song of Solomon, in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 14, in Zakaryahu (Zechariah) 5, in Matthew 23, and corrects other notorious errors that are found in virtually all previous English translations.

Restores the 29th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles chronicling Paul’s journey to Spain.

Hardbound in black Arizona bonded leather with gold embossing.

Printed in a highly readable 9 point Cambria font on sturdy 45 pound paper with ample line spacing and margins

A preface providing a detailed explanation of the many restorations made in the text of this unique collection of inspired books.

Includes the eth/aleph tav (את) over 9,300 times, which have previously been omitted in other English translations.

Two-page Hebrew-to-English reference chart of the most common names and places found in Scripture.

Includes several charts such as the Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew “Names of God” and 10 original maps of the Holy Land.

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