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reshonda jones

Posted on January 21 2020

Own this book - Precept Upon Precept

-The teachings available to those who believe in the Bible have been perverted by the same people in whom they trust most. From beginning to end ,the bible speaks of Hittites, Ammorites, Edomites, Israelites, Jebusites, Moabites, etc, etc, yet people today have been seduced into believing that who you are does not matter. This misunderstanding is adopted based on the misconstrued perception of what Apostle Paul is saying when we find the statement 'there is neither jew nor gentile, male nor female, and that we are all one in Christ Jesus'.  According to the Bible, the writings contained therein can only be understood if two methods are acheived. One is the scriptures must be opened to the reader or the teacher, and the method of interpretation must be through precept upon precept, line upon line, etc etc.  There is no other way to achieve understanding. All others claiming to understand have in-fact only introduced the doctrine of men which is based on the precepts of men. 

This purpose of this bible study tool is to help the reader to relax in regards to interpretation and allow the Bible to teach itself and regain its authoritative position as the School Master whose mission and purpose is to lead us to 'the Christ' we must believe on 'as the Scripture hath said'.  A large majority of this tool will contradict what is taught in the church and bring true edification through precepts.

 After receiving this knowledge, we pray that you spread it & use the truth to free those in bondage to this world, and those that work for it.  Shalom to you and those whom you love.  - Judah Yisra'el 

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